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Hoffen Store

About us

Pleased to meet you.
Hoffen Store.

We are a brazilian clothing brand which was born in the heart of São Paulo in 2013, specialized in jackets designed by us, and with worldwide presence. We decided to go beyond, and create connections in the long run and encourage actively, people to refuse to buy products from wildlife animal skin, oferring a great quality synthetic alternative, which has high durability.


Value Proposal

Your best moments.
Even better.

We deliver style and comfort, that only jackets can provide, such a way that people can live their best moments, whatever they may be, always well-dressed, and for a long time. We raise all of this, oferring pieces with concept, idendity, which does not fall in the next collection.


Our impact on the Marketing

Reveal that is possible to have a truly conection in the long way run, with the cloth that you wear. Show to everyone, that is already possible to give up on animal skin leather, as we gave up once on writting with bird's feather. Always offer an experience, differentiated through flexibility, empathy, and customer service.


To the future

We want to be the first word in eco-friendly jackets, and dress the world, with our concept, and our brazilian heat. That's why, we do invest even more in quality, design, experience and service.


Hoffen Store Pillars.

• Hope
• Longevity
• Empathy
• Flexibility
• Sustainability
• Inspiration


Hoffen Story

Hoffen Store was born in 2013, with the purpose of be a synonymous for those who looks for jackets, and a brand which always transmit empathy. Starting by the name "Hoffen" that means hope, in germany, and our slogan: "Dress Best Moments". We search for became an inspiration, for those people who want to connect with the best of theirselves. With the passage of the time, and with a good market's acceptance, we shall now proceed to offer only exclusives pieces, concept and own position. We are working constantly to elevate all of this pillars to perfection.


Essentially sustainable

Once we believe that to preserve life, is a pillar, to provide pieces designed to enjoy life, we do not produce animal skin leather. But, we do not give up on the quality and durability of our models, which is made to last for years and years.