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Advantages of wearing Hoffen Store

Keep up with all that we prepared, to make you feel how important you are to us.


Our concept

To say that is all yours

At Hoffen Store, you do not only buy a brand, but also pieces with identity and unique concept which does not fall in the next collection. Our jackets was projected to create a conecction between your essence, and to extract your best. Our high quality standard garantee that all of this will be for many and many moments. Learn more


Global Support

Besides the free shipping with insurance, and exchanges with no costs and complications, we offer one year of garantee, so you can feel more protected. There's also no complication to ask for your garantee, just let us know what happened, so, we take care of the rest. In addition, our garantee has worldwide coverage. Did you have any problems with your jackets, in your Himalaias adventure? No worrie, we'll send another to you, wherever you are.



Be always Hoffen Store

Once you conclude your first purchase logged in your account on our website, you will automatically get in on our rewards program, which gives you discounts in your next acquisition. The higher the level, the high is the discount. Perfect to you and to present as gifts.

Gift someone

Provide best moments

Who never had a doubt about what to give as a gift to someone else? We are right that jackets are a great choise, and the quality of our pieces garantee always a breathtaking gift.


A cause

Enjoy your life. Preserving life.

We do not work with animal skin leather, and we invite people around the world, to embrace this cause. In return, we offer pieces with exceptional appearance and durability, so you can show your better and enjoy your best moments, with a clear conscience.

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