Alt Model by Hoffen - Jacket for Men

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4 Pockets +1 Inner Pocket Fur Inside Steel Zippers Detachable Hood

With its "Casual" concept and sturdy design inspired by classic jackets, it is an ideal model for you looking for style, practicality and endurance at any time of the day. Learn More

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Hoffen Jacket

For many moments

Besides the high quality, our models are projeted to outsource the best of its essence, and to create a connection in a long way run, with your best moments, once we do not provide pieces disposable, which fall in the next collection. We take as far as we can, bringing the possibility of match different hoodie colors to multiply your looks, your rewards discounts, and your worldwide garantee coverage.

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Genuine high durability

Forget everything that you know about faux leather, because our material, are more thick, and the coating process of our pieces, garantee an unique and surprising quality. You just need to take a look to its glow and feel its texture. The resistence garantees a jacket to be with you, for many and many moments. We also offer one year of garantee as a prove of this.

Hoffen Jacket
Hoffen Jacket

Whim in every single detail

Perfectionism from the sewing to the lining. All of our models has a higher standard quality in all of their parts. Whichever is the piece, you'll find metallics zippers and resistant buttons, internal velvet lining, all of the pockets real, inner pocket and thick hoodie.


Essentially sustainable

Once we believe that to preserve life, is a pillar, to provide pieces designed to enjoy life, we do not produce animal skin leather. But, we do not give up on the quality and durability of our models, which is made to last for years and years.

Hoffen Jacket